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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 16, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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what it really is a sunday a connection. we did. lee will or will a will the ira what would damage the world islam and you know tony into a killer here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. korean military commanders and publicly pledge their loyalty to lead your team. joan days after the execution of a top official chinese media say at least sixteen people and died at retirement age between police and armed group and
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the seizure and read your scriptures. following the death of nelson mandela south africans are looking to their leaders to address some long standing problems the execution last week of the uncle and mentor of north korean leader kim jong has left many analysts wondering who will fill the gap in the power structure. for now the country's military are rallying around the figure of the gang leader. one of korea's state run television reported on a military ceremony held on monday and kill again. the event took place in front of the mausoleum of the late leader kim jong il. among them. we made to the agents to fear secretary came to own them. as the center of our unit team and leadership. and swear to protect him with our lives said. tuning is thought to play a greater role in
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the country's leadership since the purge of kim's i call the batter describing him and joel moon has agreed to come to a comrade was put on display. this term and on till now been reserved for the country's founder kim il sung and his son kim jong il analysts say north korean authorities are eager to demonstrate at home and abroad that they will remain in full control of the country. the chinese media reports as clashes between police and an armed group in the staging of comic reader economists region have left sixteen people dead police a family shot and killed fourteen people and two police officers were killed. unofficial news web sites as a mom to attack the police as they attempted to arrest suspects of criminal charges the incident took place near the city of cash to the muslim leader ethnic minority make that makes up about ninety percent of the local population
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protests have been reported in the region by week there is discontent with the central government. some members of the ethnic minority are frustrated with the dominant position of. i'm chinese of the region's economy and political leadership. in october a car crash near tiananmen square in beijing. killed three people in the vehicle into my standards. chinese authorities said two separate this group seeking independence for the economists reach was behind the incident authorities have since carried out the clampdown in the region. chinese space officials have been busy controlling a probe they landed on the move now they say they plan to launch another one around two thousand and seventeen to bring back soil and rock samples. the space agency spokesperson gave the details of the plan analysts say the baby expanding their lunar exploration program to look for natural resources the chinese successfully landed their first unmanned lunar probe that chang e three. over the weekend. a rover separated from the aircraft is now serving
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the moon's surface. china said that television has been repeatedly airing footage of presents eating thing visiting the aerospace control center near the jetty he congratulated researchers on their achievements analysts say. he studies the success of the mission to gain more support. south africans paid their final farewells to nelson mandela after more than a week of celebrating his life and achievements the former preston was laid to rest including the village where he lived as a board. about forty five hundred people gathered for the ceremony they included leaders from across africa and dignitaries from around the world military officers both black and white moved to mandela's coughing to the family barrio shots the funeral was steeped in tradition. i was so blasted a series of services across the country. south
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africans will mark the anniversary next year of one of mandela's major achievements though have lived without apartheid for twenty years but all this time later they still face challenges. i spoke earlier with ink hero throwback to an johannesburg. show how to sell their kids and vision their future now that mandela's god we'll know some under this team was that all people and in the body. big on this day race. and of course be gone is the color of disdain many believed him bought some are less than enthusiastic when it comes to things about disputes at the wheel. gap has grown she and as it has no sway. mold that people have joined a meal tax and on enjoying it a nice time. but just in the moment a select few for the match or exceed the classic tv rights has not
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translated to beat liked eating the standard of living the to take stands at more than fifty percent. one in full is unemployed. the crime rate it is still high. and it has been so so still and rest security forces opened fire striking nine as nineteen workers in august of last year. it is full of diets and eight teeth all were wounded i spoke to some news today i spoke yesterday with some wine as in the town of amecana. they said the cia teams meet in the last overdue up back in the park sites ever held in south africans view their current roster leaders. and maybe see some as corrupt and incompetent as well. the car in prisons and i'll also has that being free from allegations of standouts the reason by an imposing navigation that the use of
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expanding to expand his tribe it's nonsense. many showed how unhappy they were whispers in their mad monday that three mario ceremony the booties to see a tube and he stood up to speed. mix tsr stuff because with the poaching in that argument it makes sense. wisma and it had gone. so paul says of the most part see the african national congress. me nuts today needs to stay till yell to ruin proxy. the ensemble consists of parties' would seem to represent the voice of the pool and discontent it this will be a big test for the current cousins emma and indeed to sit up and see the african national congress some of the state got a taste of the dt. it leads to so sean me down. his consonants noticed economy. that was an aged care world show but who in
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johannesburg. i know. tokyo electric power company plans to cut electricity rates gradually over the next decade the company wants to do this via restarting nuclear reactors at its plant in central japan. and to the nuclear accident at the free grisham and i need to plant in two thousand and eleven tactical raise the rates to cover losses the hike averaged about eighty and a half percent for households and seventy percent for companies. now sources say the utility plans to lower electricity rates in stages. they say the cuts would total about ten billion dollars a year in about ten years. officials think they will be able to reduce the electricity bills by re activating all seven reactors that the customers i think that a well planted me that the prefecture or the next several years while reactors are now offline. officials also plan to slash fuel costs by replacing the old thermal power plants with more
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efficient facilities. typical aims to include the steps in a ten year business strategy it plans to drop by the year's end. ministers and business leaders from japan and connie arab league states are meeting in tokyo there attending the japan arab economic forum. trade and investment between japan and those countries remain at low levels except in the crude oil and natural gas industry in both sides want to change that and its carols guys gals in my reports on some of the challenges they face. on rink or the parody homage to people from it in half an hour of need chance of taking apart the beautiful rock. our nation's top importance those who own a natural gas co japan. and the entry is hoping to stay in this tight squeeze the region. a new quilt off plans had to go flying out to the last quake and tsunami in two years ago evidently the new and
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stronger ties between arab nations and japan mean a win win relationship. and we hope to take the first steps at this farm one of the eighty s japanese company is now focusing on as many cows and oh between the cement is he's playing hide seek scale that was held to smile each day. we'll see how i was out becoming more callous cautious as the alliance has become with some nights the machine can quickly major. how much deeper way and how much body part the top. this was the fittest families and themselves simple elegant. sunday militants. we have a product that can measure body fat than thirty seconds. very useful for health management we want to let the arab people know about our products japanese companies hour or so times just to file
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for tax and the cold sheets somehow when the state's tally to a mobile ads sold say are relying on imports we see. a choke us. he grunts and future business to two blokes is to look after us. he says his company to cease them use it only to find price and awards are usually used to throw pots and he was to see an aussie ups and glbt to help dismiss that was well past. last year the center of business in singapore. account reads at the prius is a showcase of farming land and water. now he is eyeing of the markets more more more with them you'll just have to do some research and find out how to set the price over there
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because i'm still not familiar with things in arab countries and that includes how much people are willing to spend for our product line companies are on the lord i'll be walking into sub region was growth potential but japanese business sees how the sky no way to end all of it was a day once more with them. yesterday while. i think the opportunities of body mass of. we now depend gotta go. countries as well and it is like a ziploc. on top. going to be japanese. no more competitive than before due to the yen's decline. in japan is capable of helping the region significantly to stop new industries and develop new skills and be the same time may enable japan to secure a stable supply of energy or going or
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where to how might the company is expected to see it standing on the controls all about. i spent. it's crucial for japanese business leaders to take it from time to just get tickets for the region's basketball can settle in this his big ego meek and quiet man you guys did a awesome in its key won't be at tokyo. i know. monday marks one year since the twenty three year old woman was fatally gang raped in new delhi people took to the streets in india in protest. today i took so long and bangkok is following the story. macie is is it into words why detention cases it's actual violence continue in india despite weeks of protests throughout vs on monday protesters gathered again and take them on the government do more to protect winning nhk what's
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now called to reports the added any candidate they think. meanwhile mr the end the gnostics and the five men and a teenager i selected the victim on the bus began to tip toe and to add onto that it would make it an unconscious. she died of injuries. two weeks to the till and the prospect of dancing couple. he says from the kind of cooling of the tests against the widespread violence and discrimination within the state india. thus the earth. on monday. ulysses students and was in tears celtics who are demanding change. i pretty much to the states. it just won't do that because of seats in the last year. the gunmen
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standing battle to me that it couldn't possibly the six of times. but the kids to see james willis is not enough to stop the wagon the distance to my seat the streets and picked up events to as the district of court proceedings. often times i go i study guides and soul be tidied the situation had not seen the eighth. i'm not commenting. last year has been no change the government makes promises of providing safety but they haven't actually done anything for us. the guy if it was deep so it sucked in and out with the rapidly going economy and more abandoned becoming active in the male dominated the post that incident has become an urgent plea to call it that change the mindset of society as a pro. the havoc that makes the ride today. serious boss accidents of course the time tc injuries in hospital trust the terms into
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south east asian cities on monday. traffic is increasing rapidly across us and countries as economic and continues in the region in the philippines more than six thousand seven hundred people are killed annually in traffic accidents according to be sent out the way to sad day. in this event in the passenger bus plunged from an ivory coast highway on to a vote of no rules has no pc at the seventeen people including hostages died in accidents. i see daily. a total of eleven ago i bought it with the lotion since it was so loud. when i went outside i saw the box. they need to be whimsical trapped passengers. neighboring indonesia is also facing high traffic times he's more than seventy one thousand people killed mainly in accidents involving vehicles and one the real estate in other
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business to a bus up to the extent of an essential part of the national capital to contact. shortly before the concept of passengers just a smell coming from and all conditions and they informed the driver who died the fifth house just off the bus. hello to the body. i was so scary. we will work to show the commons. nobody panicked when we escaped from the looks of it. but that did not pay. for the passage is well out of the pasta for the people became engulfed in flames. two passengers suffered light injuries the accident her nice coffee and central to contact their losses which are often older important and frequently was accidents with traffic continuing to increase accident prevention is an urgent issue of the weekend courtney is going to ignore or areas of the country shed but then if it's coming week is sinead not many people still living off the tee and
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tie downs especially in rural areas to the north and northeast saturday off to work activities of one kurt hahn to be selfish and greedy stock records and make a well stocked at the sun reports in the end of the trip ironically. it is not the market now the police or might not be the real cop with that. i loudly. i know it. use. if i go. esther is an on court one. for a couple songs about love in my. she
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has some catching ups but this is an inside job. he donates to people in a. this year. she was a real cop the first ice on his uniform so i decided to donate away and i am back. mason saying that the top of this article so my mom grew up in underprivileged home he spends first blooms like to struggle for money. inspired by street performers at the night market to decide to put his love for music to good use. kingdom and in my line of work as a police officer when reach a lot of people who are less fortunate i'm just one individual who could help the pool and it makes me really proud and happy to contribute to smoke choose one person can. so now works as a traffic cop during any. after work activities that include more for us. and
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then end up in. we praise him for his efforts to help society by using his unique talents to help people. both the singing and his traffic duties are important. paul o'connell said. see my mom coursing up to four thousand dollars a month for his charity at four times his own monthly salary. life was good to me she'd seen on floats to hand out to me. since he started in two thousand and nine the couple is help babysit three hundred people the terminal unleashing the entire province and one a fourteen year old made lives here with her. the father her mother died from aids functions and eight he was born with my woman goes to a
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conclusion which the appellant spinal canal those people are. last year with multiple health problems it's nice to me so don't hurt me struggle through which featured three years ago and began sending her money. meat slices how allowed her to travel to the hospital which has undergone several operations he feels different. we can help me to the point when the appealing than normal the rule has received money from certain. two more from that until now. sometimes this is my medical care she's the chance to meet him and expressed her gratitude unity. i try to eat. i never
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imagined before. we found officer simon on it. i don't know what i stand here today then i may have been in the alps so happy to meet up i could really speak just now. i was tearing up. i hope and health improves and she's able to get an education. see it. what this first one on swan around africa how the pork and closed his property back completely life has touched his generosity is music in years oh well. chiang mai zoo that wraps up our tree is not an attorney attack someone in bangkok. people are shoveling
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snow all in the middle east our meteorologist robert spencer has the story robert but good news out here at least is that on sunny skies down the forecast cross much the middle east but unfortunately other is still on the ground out here our a night you see a satellite picture. clear skies now i can once again that is the good news but unfortunately there's much colder temperatures and less a raid on the eastern seaboard of the mediterranean by this we have seen some heavy snowfall to some photos out of jerusalem us of the heaviest accumulations in about fifty years into the city and it's not just their cross on the areas of the middle east we have been seeing it come down unfortunately for the cp not use the coping with such heavy amounts of snow in the cedar trees down there that accumulation on the ground also in the west bank widespread areas are overlooking. are there and seeing it all over the place
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and unfortunately i we do have a lot of camps out there around the syrian border a lot of refugee camps and if you take a look at the forecast below was for the next several days even though there are the clear skies snow has let up. he still are seeing these actually fried in sub zero temperatures in seminary is out here and definitely not the type of weather a lot of people wanted deal with awe even though we still have the ongoing situation here so i threw the next several days unfortunately it's not going to be improving called temptress will continue to linger in your forecast now we'll see outside world and completely flipping the story here talking about warm weather in the way actually across the interior of australia we've been looking at this a very warm temperatures well what's happened is a little low down here towards the south high pressure setting up just with the southeast of australia we have that happening the force a lot of these hot here all those wins will start to push down towards the southeast and. it's a hot here and there really is a good term for this because
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the next three days in the sea temperatures continue to soar all the forty and now for nearly fifteen degrees above your average the lowest be cool. i threw the next several days and even into the weekend to stay rather hot out here. the floors in or a fun time of snow fall once again across much of an etsy pack still be seen still pumping them we strive shore the past twenty four is an eerie toronto opened up to greet the region is on the forty forty five centimeters of accumulations out here really is piling up now let's see but still this is the quite down a little bit but they see that satellite that low fat series starting to develop here in southeastern china is already bringing rain showers. it's going to be moving towards the east coast across the southern japanese island severe thunderstorms in your forecast here and then it's also the recent snowfall cross korea but the bits that accumulates know next to me two hours pushing all the way up there along the pacific coast of japan and i think that this very well could have enough cold air in it across the console area that
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in tokyo. you'll get some rain snow mix here going through wednesday evening as a low pressure pushes just south of the city so i really wanna watch out for this one at the very least the three one a bundle up because it can be rather chilly going to wednesday and thursday tuesday's high at five twelve when the class guys that had a low pressure area though in tokyo seoul died by beijing's thing on the cold side only to you. unfortunately that will pressure to move so far towards a solvent that really help in the air quality father of course the north you want to talk about whats going on the americans really quick. alberta clippers can become either bring some snow fall it was on fire conditions in the southwest of staying warm there for you and that's really the big topic la sins of the hive twenty nine here on monday that us took a road weather his accent forecasts. i am
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noon. and. i know. choose
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life for those around you knows the ins and. the us
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they are. ch. it is. dunedin
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i knew this. the htc sign on the land in sicily east japan or clinics in the middle of all the lunar reach that height. to enhance user since it really isn't. when you that all the region's tourism resources will last. local people started organizing group tunes to strikes troops of the disasters can some of the local people are against it and they don't want this to be left there. toulouse visiting


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